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Apple iPhone 5s new generation of smart phones really have designed a wonderful way. As soon as you get your hands take up your insides feel a subtle elegance and beautiful. Quite a successful work with iPhone 5s light attracts attention. Weighing just 112 grams and 7.6 mmm iPhone 5s white, gray, black, emerges in gold color. Fingerprint reader that complements the new iPhone 5s have won an incredible design aesthetic with the middle button. This fingerprint reader lets you 5s’i no one but you can not intervene and ensure safety. Yet another iPhone volume buttons and on-off button is placed on the phone we’ve seen in the same place.

A7 processor has a very advanced technology compared to other iPhones at the same time as A7 processor M7 processor support has been really successful. 64-bit A7 processor gives phone fluency was also in Open GL 3.0 support iphone 5s applications and the game does not live or on any muscle strain. This processor with 4 “inch retina display is accompanied. Appeals to the eye with this display graceful posture.

  Of course, iPhone 5s 8 Megapixel rear camera can record 1080p HD video and can capture the beautiful moments of your loved ones. I’m quite beyen lighting with LED flash for night photography shots iphone 5s. The iPhone 5s in memory technology on the market in our country there are two versions of this, but the 16- and 32-gig.

SAP 7 operating system iPhone 5s times the speed of the speed. Besides a number of new applications has brought a renewed SAP and all created to make your life easier.

Color cover emerges in seçeneğiyle in a wide swatch Apple iPhone 5s. This covers adds a different ambience to your iPhone, and makes it more fun.

As a result of the new iPhone 5s ideal smartphone and Apple’s future will show us what we are looking forward to.