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Waiting impatiently for the world’s largest Apple phone which immediately captivated the iphone 6 plus 5.5-inch giant screen and allows people to connect with him. Apple, whose iPhone is the first phone giant screen debut 6 plus interest from the first day that a full eruption experienced worldwide sales. Silver, gold, gray space sold as the three primary colors plus looks like Apple’s iPhone 6 güldürmüş on his face literally. Model also means a lot of space left behind Samsung and other manufacturers, Apple took a sigh of relief now. IPhone 6 plus features let’s take a look together.

5.5 inch multi touch retina display iPhone has a touchscreen with an excellent 6 plus full HD IPS display and really brings out amazing images. At the same time, this screen offers 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. Full HD display provides enough fluency. IPhone is only 7.1 millimeters thick 6 plus 178 grams. Not much heavier than the size of the iPhone sits literally in the ergonomic design of our 6 plus home.

iphone 6 plus 6

A8 1.4 Ghz dual-core processor uses Apple iPhone 6 plus continues to show impressive performance. This is in addition to the processor with 1 GB RAM and Power VR graphics processor X6650 gaming applications also allows us to get great results. 2915 milliamps battery-powered iPhone 6 plus 16, 64 and 128 GB version was released with options. With satisfactory results at the same time renewed sense IOS software is causing us to achieve 8.

1.2 megapixel front camera with 720p video rear camera we also can record the main camera is 8 mega pixel 1080p can do video recording as well as the iPhone offers LED flash support 6 Plus enables us to shoot in the dark. When you receive a phone in your hand you can see that the main camera in the form of slightly protruding that you would see hurt when you put any space camera gives the impression but Apple it has exceeded the sapphire glass is applied on the camera so that the camera does not have anything on you put on any flat plane.

As a result, it seems like Apple iPhone phablet world have made an impressive entry with 6 plus. Price performance on the iPhone is still the most expensive in terms of market position among the top phones users are hurting a bit. In no way iPhone models continued without compromising quality comes a little more cheapening of constant complaints from users towards Apple. One of the best iphone undisputed phablet phone for 6 plus seems like the ideal choice.