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Apple scored a major innovation in itself beyond its signature and an electronic pen that introduced the Apple pencil. A stylus designed for professional users multi-touch Apple pencil. Design itself is striking in its almost a normal pen rather than pencil function, we can not distinguish Apple. You do everything a regular stylus on paper almost the same process with the Apple pencil iPad Pro does not start to be able to do it.

pencil 5

If you are looking for a tablet with a pen in cross-border situations than literally gave us Apple. Now any object or scene you want to do as an artist, you can picture in your drawing tablet. It’s two completely stuck to your skills. Pictures that you can do without any canvas or paint still no limit. Ergonomic sense, you are faced with a pen snaps into your hand. Apple iPad Pro screen also revealed a pencil drawings we can do without almost no delay. Help schedule on your tablet with this pen can move your hand, you can do by drawing.

Apple offers a battery life of 12 hours to charge the pen with 15 seconds to 30 minutes to avoid phrases from the show is available. Drawings that architects and engineers who will no longer enjoy the freedom while on the iPad Pro. Which will be sold with a price tag of $ 99 seems like a lot of attention on Apple pencil. I leave you alone with your video now.


pencil 2