Salı, Temmuz 14, 2020
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Canon cameras has added a new one. Notified by the Canon PowerShot G16 compact camera class. The ability to shoot 9.3 frames per second PowerShot G16 is designed for rational but certainly allows you to keep. The structure is very ambitious with Full HD and a 5 x optical zoom.

canon powershot g16 1

 Even in low light allowing you to take great photos with the 12.1 megapixel CMOS lens, the PowerShot G16 is quite impressive. Attention is another attractive feature affords the ability to make steady shots in any situation. G16 that can burst very quickly give you the chance to image sharing wirelessly. At the same time the starry sky tripod, HDR shooting mode shooting mode can be connected easily to your home thanks to the existing canon PowerShot G16 HDMI input.

If we look at the hardware and software features will briefly focus lens image processor, image sensor exposure control features such as white balance, color matrix can eat at the same time support the G16 an ideal camera memory card.