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Undoubtedly ranks first among the most important invention of the electric world. We do not tolerate even 1 hour interruption to the electrical current, which is an indispensable part of our lives. So how or who have found power in what circumstances.

There are two elements form the basis of electricity. Negatively and positively charged ions. This positively and negatively charged ions form an electric current by pushing and pulling each other. In the 16th century William Gilbert examined the relationship between magnetism and static electricity by name and plus and minus ions are included. Until the early 18th century always static (stationary) is investigated as electricity. 18th century silver and zinc mataryel between salt and blended by the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta gained a moving fluid putting electric current. Volta produced the first commercial battery in 1800 by developing the present invention. The same year, using an electrical current British William Nicholson was able to separate the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water.

The main period of development began to be electricity in the 19th century. Many scientists now using electrical current substance began to separate from each other. It can now be found working equipment with electricity and invented to make human life.

1819 in the current passing through a wire creates a Danish Hans Christian has discovered that The magnetic field. French mathematician and physicist behind this discovery is that Andre Marie Ampere discovered Hans Christian found The magnetic field generates the electrical current and pulled his formula. The founder of the electro-dynamic power amp was made in order to measure the severity of an invention. Name was called amperes of electric current.

By the year 1827 who now poured in OHM’s law, German physicist Georg Simon Ohm’s law we know as a conductor of electricity by the end formula is inversely proportional to the resistance and the electrical resistance was revealed. He was referred to as the electrical resistance ohm ans.

In 1831 Michael Faraday was a British steam engine with the help of a copper plate is able to produce electricity by rotating a magnet inside. This is the world’s first generator. Johesp same year Henry was succeeded in his invention of the rotating magnetic field reverses in a copper Faraday ring and it was no longer an electric motor.

This time after the power has been slowly working our whole device anywhere in the environment. The first telegraph first power, the invention of radio waves and transmission electron away had begun to heal our environment. These days we live in the 21st Century we have a situation now all people need more than electricity.

Electric word origin: the Greek word electron which in ancient amber means you’re now in the Latin language has been named by electrical and electricity provision. Electric word is universal in almost all languages.