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Lily drone features

Lily drone features

Lily Drone Features and Price

And in the end they did it. the Lily drone name and usually will certainly show great interest in a can follow us with tracking devices, this new drone action enthusiasts aircraft acclaimed very large children will move on us without any control.
a new device that can follow you even do that today in the drone racing in all weather conditions such as now seems quite interested to see. This new device coming out and following you named Lily also hosts a quality camera on the drone. With this camera, you can shoot your photos if you want to follow you while video recording that does not just. Give the video below of this article, we are looking at the features of this new device;

When you have no installation on the device without the need of just throwing it up it is enough to launch a new video. Each of us also have a kind of natural conditions such as Lily waterproof feature, which will not leave you alone. Lily can do 1080p video recording and it corresponds to the 60 fps. At the same time HD 720p 120fps video recording it can be done again. Lily drone pleasant place in the 12-megapixel camera on the toy. If we look at the size of 26.1 x 26.1 x 8:18 cm, this new toy is only 1.3 kilograms in weight. It certainly has the kilogram in size and IP67 waterproofing certificate to this new drone that can be carried easily. As we look at the speed of about 40 kilometers, the accelerometer is located on Lily drone can be speed, magnetometer, axis gyro, barometer, global positioning system, a front-facing and rear-facing cameras. It also offers support for Micro SD card. This card support 4 GB in size.
It also can record sound using a microphone on more tracking device that enables the drone to follow you. Of course IP67 waterproofing certificate can also be worn on your wrist with arm bands with the transmitter.
We’re about to pass a drone literally actually looks like this drone it will bring great sound in the world. I think the price is worth $ 819.