Salı, Temmuz 14, 2020
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Snapchat has introduced a new camera glasses

SnapChat has introduced a new camera sunglasses

Companies of various events going on Snapchat Snapchat camera glasses. name change to the statement made by Saturday Snapchat Snapchat introduces also a spectacle. SnapChat first hardware product, SnapChat black glasses, the price will be in front of the user with turquoise and coral colors for $ 129. Can shoot video up to 10 seconds with the aid of a button on the glasses maximum recording time of 30 seconds. Once SnapChat glasses that will allow your video capture throughout the whole day you fill charge seems to have been of high quality.

He said in a statement that they decided that they have made a video of Snapchat CEO is constantly demanding they pull off her phone and told the people to offer a wider angle to attract people to this video goggles. 115-degree angle with the glasses or videos can be streamed wirelessly to your smartphone and allows you to share social media sites. Let’s SnapChat been held these glasses? At the same time, these glasses are glasses are designed for use both for children and adults.