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The fact that now one of the most important parts of our ulaşımı aircraft actually have an important place in our lives as it. As time progresses, our pace and flow of life within us frenzy of speed increases aircraft will start to be more important for us. People all over the world since the old ones when changing the place they give importance to use public transport and increased day by day those requirements. These requirements are developed on behalf of better use of time. Continues to grow day by day, aircraft and aerospace industry, and one can not tell you exactly where to go. Time to fly close to good use and make more distant realms we stand out as man’s greatest invention.

What about the people who invented those who were flying machine that changed the world history?

Known as the Wright brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright brothers, they know they will give direction to the future of the two brothers was the Master Bike wonder. Birds stumbled on why we place so impressive people fly or how impressive as they were flying. Pursuing the brothers began to investigate these questions. Shortly after the information on the results of the research would benefit no one realized the work. Only they think would be useful to study German, Otto Lilienthal.

Flying Otto Lilienthal had a tool to understand the lack of flapping wings that methods such as birds need to be fixed. Wright brothers decided to make a fixed-wing aircraft path going Otto. Have done no research so far, and nothing to do with science to develop these two brothers to fly more than 200 portable and thus 17 December 1903 ‘in the first plane off the northern Carolina Orville was under control. The total weight of this two-ventilated propeller aircraft was located about 350 kg and 5 people saw the plane take off. Total residence time was 12 seconds Special air. I was able to 37 m long way.

They understand that in a later flight must give up direction and the plane’s wing air did mechanism to move in the direction up and down. They did this mechanism to be inspired by birds. How did they consider that they form their wings against their air flow. Wright brothers could no longer fly. They made themselves a landing gear and took their place in aviation history.

America is the only winged steam made by a German Gustav Weisskopf 1899 Pittsburg motor first propeller-driven aircraft. Insisting can not be an American citizen German Gustave ‘s American support when he disappeared. Ens titular Smithsonian has continued to support the Wright brothers.

In 1909, Louis Bleriot Alhessandro Anzani project drawn by the motor moving the plane Channel sea geçti.1910 In another plane on the side of Jorge Chaves Alba s has expired. In 1913, Maurice was able to fly with one surface of the aircraft by 200 kilometers per hour.

1. The number of people who think the aircraft during World War I is a very good tool of war began to increase gradually. This work fighting against the Turks in 1911, the Italians in Libya have used the plane.

Florence in 1914. In civil aviation passenger and mail planes was used in Italy. Can go in a pre-determined route and aircraft that can carry passengers began to grow rapidly.

Ireland for the first time in 1919 Atlantic British scientists have reached the goal. In 1926, Richard has made a flight over the North Pole.