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Xbox One S 1TB Console

Xbox One S 1TB Console


Meet the new Xbox One S. 4K Ultra HD video, HDR image, 40% smaller console and aerodynamic control. The Xbox One S console includes 1TB of storage (internal), Xbox Wireless Controller (with 3.5mm headphone jack), HDMI cable, power cable.



Do not mislead you: the Xbox One S is the most advanced Xbox with built-in power supply and internal storage up to 1 TB.

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Xbox Elite Wireless Game Controller
The Elite Wireless Game Controller unlocks all of your potential and adapts to your unique gaming style. Experience the accuracy of changing game rules, the higher speed and the unique custom design.

Who is Almal
It’s going to be easy to get into the radar of game lovers who are considering buying a console now and want to replace the old Xbox 360.

Microsoft’s new game console, new game console, attracts players with aggressive design …

The Xbox One S has never been behind the PlayStation 4 in terms of technical specs, but it’s hard to say the same in terms of design. My beloved game console, which is occasionally criticized as “shaped with an ax” and which is a joke in social media with its gigantic adapter, would have spent the summer months working out and it turned out to be quite fit and elegant.

The most important argument as an intermediate model of the Xbox One S is of course the dimensions and design in the field. The new Xbox One S is 40% weaker than its predecessor, and its adapter is included in the device. However, the white version, which is offered for sale in our country and whose stocks are gradually decreasing around the world, looks quite elegant.

If we go through the details, we can say that there is no difference compared to the old models except for small make-up on the Xbox One S gamepad, the most noticeable difference is that the rough surface has improved the grip. One of the smallest things we’ve observed is that the Xbox One S is completely unresponsive to the problems that arise when introducing the gamepads back to the Xbox One after introducing a Windows 10 computer.

The product also comes with important changes underneath the stylish casing. The most important of these is of course 4K Blu-Ray and HDR video playback as well as HDR image support in certain games. The Xbox One S comes with an HDMI 2.0a port, so it can offer 60fps video support at 4K resolution. The last situation related to 4K support for games is: It will not support 4K as games but it is offered upscale support.

Since there is no serious hardware development, we remind you that this is also normal and we need to wait for Project Scorpio for natural 4K support.

In order to use your old Kinect equipment on the Xbox One S, Microsoft will have to purchase an adapter to use it, and the device can now be used in an upright and secure way, and even in the 2TB model, It is coming out. For 1TB and 500GB models, you need to pay $ 20 more for this apparatus. It also comes with an integrated IR Blaster on your Xbox One S, so you can configure your device to turn on devices such as TV and satellite receivers. It’s a delightful detail, not to mention that it’s used too often.