Apple iPhone 6 REVIEW “SELF faxed to the BIG WORLD”

The highly anticipated Apple iPhone 6 in front of us now. At first glance it reached freed from the small screen size and sharp enough to get rid of winning are very slim oval lines stand for a classy mobile phone. By design, the lines really suit an oval metal casing looks elegant gone to a change in position of the key and power Apple have had a pretty good key to the right side from the top which I think has been very good. This button looks very elegant at the same time providing ease of use. The parties also do not like the design, which is given to the metal chassis while the use of plastic lines suit. Below the back of the phone lines and overturned plastic divider above a little work. But he never has taken a big step in terms of design as the result of Apple without sacrificing quality. This design 138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm in size only 129 grams in weight are all integrated. Silver, gold and gray space as Apple iphone encountered 6 technical features three color Let’s together.

Apple iPhone is 4.7 inches with 6 again with Apple’s retina display and HD display with its very high quality images. 1334 x 750 pixel resolution offers on iphone 6 brightness also looks a bit more mileage by almost everyone 5s with a previous version. This iphone lovers of the big screen seems to be a very pleasant visit.

64-bit architecture with a new iphone A8 processor chips that power the next 6 and provides enough power for performance with an M8 accompanying motion processor. At the same time Apple is like life also held out little compared to other phone to iphone. This powerful processor, one GB of ram beside ‘place to provide users of the iPhone is likely to surprise the other top-level smart phones on the market, because in retrospect 2 or 3 GB of RAM usage is quite line at dawn. As a storage area 16, 64, iphone comes with 128 GB version 6 offers enough capacity to users.

If we are going to talk a little bit out right out of the camera body it has an 8-megapixel resolution. We can see that compromising on quality is an excellent camera. You have the ability to shoot 60 frames per second with this camera feature and can do 1080p video recording. Foreign body’s a little out of this excellent camera positioned at a table in the back of the phone facing or ideas about anything else that comes to mind when you put the camera immediately drawn upon. But with sapphire glass that Apple has solved this issue and do not use any streaked face. Is positioned in front 1.2 megapixel camera with HD can capture 10 photos in a row at the same time.

Starting with fury continues with the iPhone 5s Touch ID in security. Your phone never be achieved without your finger input.

Apple iPhone 6 comes from SAP 8 next-generation operating system with box and trying to impress the users with the latest features.

As a result, large-screen smartphones, Apple has stepped into the world and going to accept defeat against their rivals. Because people no longer want to use a larger screen smart devices. Price performance is still one of the most expensive on the market of smartphones Apple iPhone 6 Let How can sell. Tech-savvy forming long queues in front of the Apple Store on the first day, according to reports from the world of people filled.

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