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In fact, people did not invent the car. American than Germany’s or France’s or so there have been a lot of people a lot of vehicles manufactured by different countries. With the invention of the automobile continues to very advanced and progress in the world of transportation.

In the year 1600 it revealed the Newton steam boiler machine. Later in the 1700s the famous French engineer and captain Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot invented the tool itself can go Fard gave the name. History was in 1769. And three-wheel, which has a large steam boilers way this car could take 4-5 km per hour. In 1789 he received the first patent for making cars Americans Oliver Evans. This patent is the first car with four wheels and had taken pedals connected to the rear wheels.

When the bride 1800s produced a British steamer Richard Trevithick first car. Over time it is difficult to obtain due to steam searched more functional ways. Years later, August Otto produced a tool that works with gas, which is a German. Towards the end of the 1800s it should be working with pneumatic internal combustion and the two systems were studied. German Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz were able to invent the four-stroke petrol engine. This petrol driven engine soon gave the first fruit and gasoline-powered cars on the road were removed by the Germans Gottlieb Daimler in 1887.

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As a result of studies on rate cut in the United States in 1892, Frank and Charles Duryea invented the gasoline-powered automobile. As they put the at’sız car name names. The only difference between a normal carriage engine too weak to be used before and reliability of these tools was found to be low vehicle and began designing tools similar to today’s cars.

As regards the 1908 Henry Ford began the mass production chain for automobiles and began to set up factories. This move has enabled mass production car in the world to spread. The development of the automobile has evolved thanks to the materials used in the production of both skeletal series. It began to use steel skeleton. With battery ignition, carburetor, suspension, brake system, differential input into the comfort and convenience of automobiles increases.

The increase in demand for automobiles has revealed the need for people to luxury. Social and cars started to become a part of life they were adapted to live day by day.

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Let’s look briefly historic …

Frenchman Nicolas Joseph was the first self-moving car in the 1700s. In 1787 Oliver Evans took the first automobile patent.

In the 1800s, England was Richard Trevithick invented the steam car. Working with the air-gas engine in 1860 produced the first Belgian Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir. 1867 German Nicolaus Otto and Eugen Langen four-stroke engine invented my own translation. Nicolaus Otto has received a patent for his engine in the United States in 1877.

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In 1878 he made his first engine running Clerk Dugal according to the two-time basis. In 1880, gasoline powered engines made by American George Brayton. By the year 1885 it produced the first car with an internal combustion engine, the German engineer Karl Benz.

In 1890, he noticed the lights mingling with Herbert Akroyd Stuart gas oil, air, air. After this event has developed its own engine. That same year, the German engineer Capitaine Akroyd a similar engine to the engine patents.

In 1892 Munich te engineer Rudolf Diesel invented the engine. 1893 The United States also named Edgar, Frank and Charles Duryea Duryea given their name that has produced automobiles.

When the 1900s to the point is with the first tool 27-year-old Ferdinand Porsche by yapılmıştır.b the vehicle’s name Mixta-Wagen a Daimler engine, four-cylinder that can move with petrol and electric engine in 1902, battery, generator and electric motor placed.

By the year 1908 that Henry Ford mass production history and has produced the first mass-produced Model T automobile. In 1919, Europe’s first series production car with Citroen Type A is released.

And the car can still affect people end their lives in an amazing way in developing future cars that I believe will continue to change our lives.