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Apple iPad Pro 4th Generation 12,9 inç

Apple iPad Pro 4th Generation 12,9 inç
Apple ipad pro 4th generation

Your next computer may not be a computer.

It’s a magic piece of glass. It’s so fast that it surpasses most of the laptop PCs. It has pro cameras that will completely change the concept of reality. Moreover, it can be used with touch, pen, keyboard and now with trackpad. It’s the new Apple iPad Pro 4th generation.

Liquid Retina technology

Extending to all edges, the Liquid Retina display has both stunning and impressive beauty and highly sophisticated technologies.1 ProMotion, True Tone and the highest color accuracy in the industry are just a few of them. And all these features come together to reveal the world’s most advanced mobile screen.

Pro cameras

Advanced cameras, large screen, fast performance and precisely calibrated sensors. The iPad is again equipped with unique abilities as usual. The wide camera and the new Ultra Wide camera help you create the perfect frame for photography or video. With studio-quality microphones and a four-speaker sound system, you can even set up a multi-camera shooting device.

LiDAR Browser

LiDAR (Light Detection and Distance Determination) enables the distance to be determined by measuring the time that light reaches and reflects from an object. This advanced technology is also used by NASA for the next Mars mission. We have decided to fit this great innovation into a very thin and light iPad.

The LiDAR Scanner, which we have developed specifically, takes advantage of the direct flight time of the light and can measure the reflected light from a distance of up to five meters in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Working at the photon level and operating at nanosecond speeds, this technology opens the door to extraordinary possibilities for augmented reality and much more.

LiDAR Scanner uses pro cameras, motion sensors and software frameworks on iPadOS to measure depth. Combining hardware, software and unmatched innovation, this technology makes iPad Pro a much more advanced device for AR.

Augmented reality

AR apps are getting more realistic on the new iPad Pro. AR objects can now be placed on the screen instantly. Thanks to its realistic object hiding feature, AR objects can pass in front of and behind real-world structures. Advanced motion capture and hiding technologies work better than ever. This means that developers can sign even more impressive experiences.

Apple ipad pro 4th generation
Apple ipad pro 4th generation

Apple iPad Pro 4th generation A12Z Bionic

With the A12Z Bionic chip, iPad Pro is so fast that it surpasses most of the laptop PCs on the market. It makes everything you do fast and smooth, from daily tasks to intensive graphics workflows. And the 8-core graphics processor offers even higher performance and realism in the most needed applications and games.

Professional workflows

A12Z Bionic, especially professional
designed to power applications. 8-core graphics processor; It performs very smoothly in operations such as 4K video editing, 3D design and augmented reality. The advanced thermal design enables longer lasting, higher performance, which is critical for professional workflows. Apple-designed Neural Engine, on the other hand, makes the artificial learning technology on the device ready for the next generation of professional applications.


iPadOS is designed to take advantage of the power and performance of iPad Pro. Because lightning-fast hardware and incredibly powerful software are designed together, every interaction on iPad Pro takes place instantly and flawlessly. This makes it possible to run multiple applications simultaneously and all multitasking movements quickly and effortlessly.

Magic Keyboard

The brand new Magic Keyboard serves as an extraordinary companion for iPad Pro.2 Magic Keyboard, which provides the best typing experience ever on an iPad, offers new ways to work on iPadOS with its trackpad feature. It also includes a USB-C port with charging capability and
it protects both the front and the back. Magic Keyboard, which magnetically adheres to your iPad Pro, allows you to easily find the ideal viewing angle thanks to the hanger model design that keeps it in the air.

Apple iPad Pro 4th Generation Full size keyboard

Designed for iPad Pro, the full-size keyboard offers a very precise, comfortable and quiet typing experience, with independent keys of ideal hardness and a scissor-type mechanism with 1mm of travel. So don’t stop: write your novel, plan your work, or blow up storms in your mail. And, thanks to the backlit keys, you can handle everything at any time, day or night.

Rethinked trackpad

Thanks to the trackpad that can be clicked anywhere, there are now new ways to work on iPadOS. The trackpad allows you to control the new cursor on iPadOS. Thus, you can do all kinds of tasks such as spreadsheet editing or text directly on the trackpad. And swipe back to the Home Screen or switch between fields thanks to the Multi-Touch gestures you are used to doing You can navigate smoothly on your iPad.

Trackpad for iPadOS

Thanks to trackpad support, working on iPad is brand new and Get ready to meet with its productive ways. From top to bottom touch to the center of the ethinking cursor experience there is sensitivity. The cursor works contextually. So a button, application understands that you are pointing at the icon or text and you need turns into a vehicle. Create spreadsheet or edit text It is also an excellent tool for tasks that require extra attention. Very easy to use to quickly navigate iPadOS if you wish You can also take advantage of trackpad movements.

Take notes

iPad is the perfect device for taking notes and organizing your ideas. In Notes application, you can put your ideas on the drawing as naturally as on paper, then you can catalog, share or add your notes to a presentation. You can even search the handwritten notes. Moreover, the App Store is full of great apps that will allow you to organize, mark and take your notes to the next level.

Thin, light and durable

Apple iPad Pro 4th generation is extremely talented and can be carried anywhere. It fits comfortably in a backpack or on a portable coffee table. Moreover, it offers up to 10 hours of battery life so you can use it all day.

Apple ipad pro 4th generation

Connection features Apple iPad Pro 4th Generation

iPad Pro is a superior mobile workstation. You can print, manage and send files wirelessly. USB-C port; It allows you to connect any accessory such as camera, external drive or display to your iPad Pro. Wi-Fi and 4G LTE Advanced connectivity features are faster than ever, so you can stay connected anywhere.