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Google Home and Google assist all come to check everything

Google Home and Google assist all come to check everything

Google Home and Google Now featured with new features

Google has launched an activity speaker powered by Google Now. I’m talking about an assistant who can give you a meaningful response at the end of every culmination we started with “Ok Google”. Google is literally offering a helper user. This may not lead to Siri.

Apps like Google music, sports, YouTube music, Pandora bring home the Google Home Qualities, which you can open in any environment you like. Besides, it also allows you to fully control your television. You can open the channels you want, you can read the news, the music and the radio can open the channels you want and you can hear them with the speakers anywhere in your house.


You can also answer all questions such as weather, traffic, finance, sports and so on very quickly. Any question that begins with “Ok Google” can undoubtedly give a clear answer and translate it to any language you like. Google has created an artificial intelligence to guide the future.
Google Now is a new and wonderful feature that will give you time to recognize and respond to your requests, when you will be doing sports, and if you do not like what you like, this new assistant knows you as a friend. Let’s see what Siri is doing now.


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