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LG Signature Oled TV Price and features 65″ and 77″

LG Signature Oled TV Price and features 65″ and 77″

LG Signature 65 inch TV If you want to buy a TV, the exact place will be the choice. lg signature oled tv really draws attention with w8 price. This wonderful television brings your viewing experience to a very high level. When we do Lg signature oled tv w8 review, we see the magnificence of colors with an incredible black screen. LG Signature Oled TV Price Buy Now.

lg signature oled tv price

It has two options: lg signature oled tv w8 77 ”and lg signature oled tv w8 65”. This is great. Oled has a visual experience and a design that does not take up space on your wall.

I would like to point out that lg signature oled w8 is the first chosen TV in the field of design and technology at CES 2018.

Lg Signature Oled TV Ai Thinq W8

Alpha 9 smart processor and LG ThinQ AI artificial intelligence improve image quality and work wonders. Yes, the ultra thin screen does not take up any space as can be seen from the picture and looks very stylish. It will impress everyone who comes to your home. To connect to this screen. The TV-AV Box cable from the lg signature oled w8 tv box will help you.

As I explained in the beginning and lg signature 65 w8 oled 4k smart tv gives you the perfect black. For those who like to watch movies, 4K Cinema HDR format will give you happy and enjoyable moments. Dolby Vision Sound feature offers you a complete cinematic enjoyment.

“Dolby Vision ™ is the most popular and advanced HDR solution.
It provides a cinematic experience that the creator intended by optimizing the image frame by frame. ”

lg signature oled tv price

With Technicolor color expertise, you can experience the color quality you see in Hollywood movies. Briefly;


“LG OLED TVs are used by Technicolor as consumer reference displays in the production of home delivery versions of major Hollywood movies and television content. and enables users to enjoy top-notch viewing experiences. ”

“With LG HDR 10 Pro technology and HDR10 and HLG are created by LG’s proprietary algorithm. All types of content are displayed in striking brilliance from the application of frame-by-frame dynamic tonal mapping. ”

Another great feature is artificial intelligence. lg signature oled tv ai thinq w8 is a complete beast. He knows you by your voice. lg signature oled tv w8-4k satisfies you more over time with its HDR Ai feature.

Let’s not forget that there are many pictures prepared for lg wallpaper tv w8, you can reach our links for price and more.

LG Signature Oled TV W8 The End.

The biggest difference between lg signature oled tv w7 vs w8 is of course artificial intelligence. These two models are really cool. And If I am going to buy this TV, I will definitely choose the model with LG 77 signature oled w8 4k tv. lg signature w8 TV can give you great gaming and movie experiences.